ILP support PhD candidates and Postdocs.(ILP)

高度教養教育・学生支援機構 キャリア支援センター
Innovative Leaders Platform(ILP)

What we are aiming at: 

   ●For you to be able to imagine clearly your future career path after earning a doctorate,

   ●For you to fulfil requirements as a Ph. D. in addition to your research capability,

   ●For you to be accepted in a real society and be able to live a satisfactory life.

Career Support Program for Ph.D. candidates and Postdocs.

Career Support/キャリア支援:

   Individual meetings (Consulting future direction, Application form review, Research achievement review, guiding how to get interviewed and so on), 
   Creating industry – candidate matching opportunity by hosting a Job Fair,
   Industry opportunity information release and so on.


Internship promotion/インターン推進:

   Opportunity on mid-, long-term internship information release, creating industry – candidate matching opportunity by hosting internship information exchange meetings followed by individual meetings to help application form fulfilment and guiding on interviews.


Innovative Leaders Fostering Course/イノベーション創発塾:

   Mandatory capability as an academia or industry person such as communications capability, project management capability, and so on will be enhanced through practical lessons.


 More detailed information can be found in each page.

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For contact to ILP

Innovative Leaders Platform (ILP),
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Center for Career Support, Tohoku University
Engineering Laboratory Complex Bldg., 13F(C10)
6-6-11 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ward Sendai 980-8579 Japan

東北大学高度教養教育・学生支援機構 キャリア支援センター
〒980-8579 仙台市青葉区荒巻字青葉6-6-11

TEL +81-022-795-3231 
FAX +81-022-795-3232
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For Ph.D Candidates/Postdocs/博士後期過程, ポスドクの方

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