The 2nd Career Job Fair

BC4 & MC2 above
2024.04.22 - 2024.07.31

PDF here

“The 2nd Career Job Fair” will be held by Center for Career Support.

This event will be held as an opportunity for students to meet with companies and organizations through an electronic version of the “interactive offer-type system”.
The fair is open to 4th year undergraduate students and 2nd year master’s students and above who are in the process of job hunting.

◆Date and time of the event:
 April 22 (Mon.) – July 31 (Wed.), 2024

◆Content of implementation:
 The electronic version will be implemented through an interactive offer-type system.
 (1) Release of information on companies and organizations and information on information sessions, etc.
 (2) Offer function from companies and organizations to students
 (3) Students can apply to companies and organizations.

◆Target: Students scheduled to graduate in September 2024 and March 2025

◆Format: Electronic version using the interactive offer-type system.
 Registration for the interactive offer-type system is required.

◆Language: Japanese

◆To register for the interactive offer system → click here
 To log in after registration → click here
 For the manual → click here
 For operation instruction video → Click here (approx. 16 min.) *Please log in with your DCmail
 *Japanese Only

◆Only students who are scheduled to graduate in September 2024 or March 2025 can use the system.
 Please note that registration by students who are not in their final year of study will not be approved.

A video of the seminar held on April 22 (Mon.) to inform participants on how to proceed with job hunting from now on, how to search for companies, and how to use the interactive offer-type system is now available.
Click here to watch the video (approx. 30 min.) *Please log in with your DCmail.