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Information on Center for Career Support

Usage Guide

The Center for Career Support is available to all Tohoku University students, and we encourage you to make active use of it to help you choose a career path and develop your career. Advance reservations are required for Career Advising and participation in some programs. Please check the NEWS section for the latest information on using the Center.

In addition to announcements and publications, the Center posts various information related to employment, U-turn, international students, students with disabilities, mass media seminars, qualifications, on- and off-campus seminars, etc., and distributes various pamphlets and application materials.
Library Materials Various materials, books, and newspapers are available for browsing. The library has a variety of materials to support job-hunting activities, including books on industries, occupations, and jobs, as well as reference books and problem collections for SPI, civil service, and other subjects. We have also introduced e-books on career choices and job hunting.
Viewing Job Postings We have job postings, application guidelines, company brochures, and other materials received by mail (paper media) from companies and organizations filed and available for viewing.
Online Interview Booth Online interview booths are available. You can make an appointment to use these booths for interviews with companies, organizations, etc., or for job hunting activities.
Information Search PCs PCs are available for job search information (job information search, etc.) and career aptitude diagnosis using Career Insight.
Browsing Past Civil Service Examination Question Papers You can browse past civil service examination question papers.
Viewing alumni lists With the cooperation of companies and organizations, we store and disclose alumni lists. Please follow the rules when browsing the list.