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Information on Center for Career Support

Usage Guide

The Center for Career Support is available to all Tohoku University students, and we encourage you to make active use of it to help you choose a career path and develop your career. Advance reservations are required for Career Advising and participation in some programs. Please check the NEWS section for the latest information on using the Center.


Postings and Materials The Center issued announcements and publications, also posts various information related to employment, U-turn, international students, students with disabilities, mass media seminars, qualifications, on- and off-campus seminars, etc., and distributes various brochures and application materials.
Library Materials Various materials, books, and newspapers are available for browsing. The library has a variety of materials to support job-hunting activities, including books on industries, occupations, and jobs, as well as reference books and workbooks for SPI, civil service, and other subjects. Also we have e-books on career choices and job hunting.
Viewing Job Postings We have job postings, application guidelines, company brochures, and other materials received by mail (paper media) from companies and organizations filed and available for viewing.
Online Interview Booth Online interview booths are available. You can make an appointment to use these booths for interviews with companies, organizations, etc., or for job hunting activities.
Information Search PCs PCs are available for job information search and career aptitude diagnosis using Career Insight.
Browsing Past Civil Service Examination Question Papers You can browse past civil service examination question papers.
Viewing Alumni Lists With the cooperation of companies and organizations, we store and disclose alumni lists. Please follow the rules when browsing the list.

Our Mission

  1. Enhance career support for all undergraduate and graduate students, and support Tohoku University students so that they can leave for society based on their university studies, develop throughout their lives, and contribute to society.
  2. Collect information and conduct surveys and research on career choices, including employment trends, employment status, and the career development of university graduates, and utilize this information in various career and employment support programs.
  3. Support students in making appropriate career choices through career advising for individual users.
  4. To strengthen cooperation with the Student Counseling and Special Support Center, the Global Learning Center, and other departments and divisions in Tohoku University, promote information sharing, and improve the career support capabilities of Tohoku University as a whole.

Our Service

  1. Improve and enhance the regular curriculum education as career education. We will enhance the regular curriculum to provide students with opportunities to construct their own career design, responding to the milestones of their growth and development from undergraduate to graduate education.
  2. In cooperation with departments, improve and enhance career support from extracurricular education. Emphasize individualized support such as career advising and employment counseling that responds to the developmental issues of individual students, and plan and implement fairs, seminars, workshops, etc., to enhance exit support for students.
  3. In collaboration and cooperation with the Graduate School, develop and implement programs that allow for appropriate selection, transition, and adaptation from undergraduate to graduate school.
  4. Enhance the provision of information on career choices. Establish a one-stop support system (support environment) where all students can obtain information on career paths and employment equally at all campuses.
  5. Emphasize professional development to enhance professional expertise in career support, especially as career support personnel.

SNS accounts

Our SNS accounts

Tohoku University Center for Career Support’s official Twitter “@tohokucareer” provides useful information for students of all grades on career choices and job hunting, as well as information on events hosted by Tohoku University Center for Career Support. Please follow us on Twitter to find out more about events hosted by Tohoku University Center for Career Support and how to participate in them.*Japanes only

Please note that “@tohokucareer2”, a dedicated Twitter account for career advising availability information, stopped operation in April 2022. Please refer to the top page of the Center for Career Support website for information on the availability of career advising in the future.

We are not currently using any Facebook or Instagram accounts, so please beware of accounts that are either impersonating the Tohoku University Center for Career Support or appear to be official accounts.

Publication List

Year 2023

Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Tohoku University Career Guide 2023”

Click here to view Career Guide 2023 ”single page view” *Japanes only *On-campus only
Click here to view Career Guide 2023 “two pages spread view” *Japanese only*On-campus only

Year 2022

Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Tohoku University Career Guide 2022”

Click here to view Career Guide 2022  *Japanes only *On-campus only

Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Job Hunting Guidebook for Tohoku University Students 2022-2023”

Click here to view Job Hunting Guidebook for Tohoku University Students 2022-2023 *Japanes only *On-campus only

Year 2021

Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Tohoku University Career Guide 2021”

Click here to view Career Guide 2021 *Japanes only *On-campus only

Year 2020

Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Job Hunting Support Guide for Student’s Parents”
Published by Center for Career Support, Tohoku University “Tohoku University Career Guide 2020”

Click here to view Career Guide 2020 *Japanes only *On-campus only

The Career Guide is open only to Tohoku University students, so please log in with your DC email.
If you get an “access rights required” message, please switch to your DC email address.
If access privileges are requested other than by DC email, we will not approve the request as we are unable to verify current Tohoku Univrstiy students

Career paths after graduation/completion

The status of employment and career paths of students after graduation from undergraduate and graduate schools is published in the “Tohoku University Fact Book” by year.
Please refer to the following sites.

*See below to view and print Tohoku University Fact Book (PDF version)
Tohoku University Fact Book

Employment rate of international students

The employment rate of international students who graduated or completed their studies in 2021 is as follows.


Number of graduates Number of job seekers Number of employed Percentage of employed to job seekers
610 393 260 66.2%


On-campus affiliated organization sites

Tohoku University

Global Learning Center, Tohoku University

 They provide support for international students and Japanese students who wish to study abroad.