Matching site: must-see for students aiming to join the company in April 2024!

Current Students 2023.09.27

This is a guide to the “Matching Site” for job-hunting students who are scheduled to graduate or complete their studies by March 2024.

The Matching Site is an offer-type job hunting site that only Tohoku University students and Companies actively recruiting Tohoku University students can register.

After registering on the Matching Site and entering your major and personal PR, you may receive individual messages from companies hiring 24 graduates and complete students.

The matching site will be available until the end of December 2023.

Click here for the manual *Japanese Only
*Please also see the “Job Hunting Re-Start Seminar” video and materials.

When you are displayed saying “access privileges are necessary”, please change it to the DC e-mail address. As we cannot confirm the current student other than the DC email when an authorization is requested, we do not approve it.